Duravit P3 Comforts Shower Tray 720176

Duravit P3 Comforts Shower Tray 720176

Comfort for all senses. The P3 Comforts series.

In creating P3 Comforts, Duravit and Phoenix Design concentrate on the definition of comfort. P3 Comforts offers products with many comfortabl features: the separation of wet and dry areas, generous surface areas for bathroom essentials and elegant design with gently curved edges and soft pleasant transitions.


The P3 Comforts shower tray, manufactured using the innovative DuraSolid®. Its broad edge doubles as convenient shelf space. The outlet cover can be removed for easier cleaning. While the surface is almost level, functionality is at a maximum.


For Flush-Fitted/semi-recessed/built-in type installation

  • Installation of this Shower Tray may require add-on of:

    • Support for Shower Tray
    • Outlet Drain
    • Support Frame
    • Rubber Profile
    • Bathtub Anchors