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May 15, 2017

Finding a replacement seat - part 2

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Edited: May 23, 2017

Now let's say you are unable to find a local distributor, or they no longer have stocks due discontinuation of production at factory. What's next?


You can try to find a seat cover manufactured by a third party.


Before you start shopping, you'll need the following information:

- length of seat cover

- width of seat cover

- distance between the seat cover hinges (measured centre to centre)

- shape of the seat cover


Here's a great tip!


Step 1: pull out a page of an old newspaper (or any paper bigger than the seat cover)…


Step 2: now nice and easy….with the seat and cover both flipped down, trace the shape of the seat as well as you can


Step 3: with the tracing done, measure the extreme length and width of your seat cover (red lines). Note it down on the paper.


Step 4: finally, don’t forget to take a measurement of the distance between the hinges of the cover


Bring that paper and the measurements with you on your shopping trip aaaaaaand you’re all set!


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Oct 9, 2017

Well you can also look for any toilet seat buying guide. Either your toilet seat is supposed to be elongated or round shape. You can use a measuring tape to measure and you can decide yourself whether which type of toilet seat do you need.

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    May 15, 2017

    So how should you start looking for a seat cover? For sure, it is very rare that you would have to buy an entire new set of toilet just because of the seat cover. Unless of course, the model is really really old. But there's a good chance that someone has a compatible seat cover you could use! The first stop is to find out the brand and if you can, the model number of the toilet. You can then try to find the local distributor of that brand. Send them a picture, front and side view. This should help them identify the model.
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    May 15, 2017

    Well well.. as with pretty much anything in a home, toilet seat covers are susceptible to breakdowns too. Here's a list of things we've come across in our line when seat covers go awry: - cracked seats or covers - rusty hinges, broken hinges, resulting in one side, or both sides of the seat coming loose - discolouration of the seat cover - rubber dampers on the seat cover worn out causing it to become imbalanced when a use is on the seat Generally, they are all related to usual wear and tear.... nothing big to worry about....
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