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Ingredients to 'flavourful' service


good design doesn’t happen by accident. countless hours are spent to create a relaxing bathroom space that is invigorating and functional.

Ferrara’s expertise lies in gaining a true understanding of each client’s needs and preferences through meaningful interactions. 

in the same vein, we place faith in the uniqueness of each individual on our team. each of us brings different ‘flavours’ to the table and the result is an eclectic mix of expertise and experiences driven to increasing value provided to all our clients.


so sit back and let us dish up a piping, heart-warming platter of personalized service for your next project!

We are Globetrotting Curators

Sourcing across the globe to bring world-class

bathroom designs to your door step.


We are Icons of Fashion


yes, there is fashion in bathroom design! trends and

fads are just as dynamic and distinct as in any

design industry when it comes to the 'in' thing

for the most private of sanctuaries. our gentle

ladies are now most gorgeously all clad in

white. from basins, to toilets and bathtubs. gone

were the days when ceramic wares were made

in a single, solid colour, roguishly intruding into

our field of vision. the bathroom scene in our

sunny island home of Singapore has come a 

long way since the 60s. back then, having pri-

vate toileting facilities was considered a luxury.

desings were aimed at utility rather than aesthe-

tics. since, we have made advancements in 

both form and function. manufacturers now work

with renowned industry designers or experienc-

ed architects making forays into product desig-

ning to create moving pieces. as we face

increasing demands for individuality, we close the loop

between design and creation at an ever accelerated

pace. new design drives demand and demand

drives design. Ferrara keeps abreast of trends and

tastefully selects pieces in keeping with them. often

times, we are the influencers and advocates of new

developments in toileting lifestyle encouraging the

adoption of them. the local demand is both vibrant

and varied. from contemporary to hotel luxe, from

minimalism to industrial chic, zen living to balinese

styles. we enjoy a constant and refreshing string of

options for all these styles and more. speak to us and

learn more about the latest observances from major

design exhibitions from around the world. 

We are Stargazers

Scanning the vast canvas that is each product and finding pinpricks of design brilliance in their unique features and functions.

We are Experienced Executors

successfully supplying all forms of bathroom products to project developments in Singapore

We are Green Advocates

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