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Shower Drain System

Let's understand how to purchase a correct and proper floor trap for your home drain system.

Other solutions from Ferrara for "invisible" floor traps:

Looking for a more traditional, simple yet effective solution to disguise your floor drains? Sure! Check out the square type tile insert drains we have. 

Main body is made with ABS and tile insert is made with stainless steel. Enjoy the option of having the floor drain in the same tile finish or flip it over for a clean, stainless steel look. 

Easily fits readily available insect and dirt traps.

square invisible floor drain solutions 1
Why settle?

Go from this...

To this!!

square invisible floor drain solutions.j
normal floor drain 1.jpeg

Available in standard 6"x6" or 4"x4" sizes to fit most households whether apartment or landed type in Singapore. 

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