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Jan 7

8 out-of-the-ordinary bathroom designs to spice things up


Edited: Jan 11

We Singaporeans just love going for something special and out-of-the-ordinary. And why shouldn't we? We're all unique individuals making our home in an island-country like no other.


Let's look at some eye-catching bathroom styles that have a life of their own!


This bathroom has such a fun combination of colour and texture. Every stark difference seems to jump out to invite you on an adventure.


We absolutely love the apple green walls which brighten the monochrome shades.


We suggest:

American Standard "White" Round Above Counter Basin



For those with daring design appetites, this traditional fan design tiles are for you! Your bathroom will your reflect fun-loving, creative personality to any visitor.















Another interesting shake-up from the norm. The vintage brick layout brings a rustic feel to this bathroom while the simple customized basin stand keeps things simple.

Featured product:

Duravit Cape Cod Round Basin


Check out this interesting spin on a natural theme bathroom. The light wood tones stand out brightly against the dark spring green making the bathroom look extremely clean and inviting. The different tiles in the shower and basin area add texture to the entire design.

We recommend:

American Standard Concept Wall Mounted WC Bowl


A tiny bathroom can still be built with lots of character. This unique mesh up of polished copper and matt mosaic makes the room feel larger and classy. A great alternative to large mirrors.





We recommend:

Inda Lilliput Vanity furniture. It is a compact solution to a small bathroom. With ample storage space below the basin for spare toilet rolls or toiletries.





Who can resist a bit of playful geometry! The pale pink adds a soft touch to the line patterns. Such a warm and inviting bathroom!

We recommend:

Valdama Cameo Wall Mounted Basin



A creative division between different areas of a long, narrow bathroom can have tasteful results.

The vertical division draws the eye upward, making the bathroom seem taller than it really is. What a way to compensate for the lack of floor area!

We suggest:

Knief K-Stone Prime Free Standing Tub



So what do you think of these not-your-everyday bathroom ideas? We love how materials, colours and lighting can be used to create so many styles. Would you try any of them? Share your thoughts with us anytime!

Photo Credits: Pinterest, Knief.com, Valdama.it, inda.net


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  • derek.b.lotts
    Oct 18

    A bathroom could be a mundane room in your home or it could be a place of indulgence and comfort. It’s up to you use small design and aesthetic changes to turn it into the latter. The key is to know how the bathroom will be used and to design around it. This doesn’t need to be an expensive investment but it needs to be one that you plan out with great care. That way, each item and each aesthetic choice will have its place in the bathroom. Organic accents Bathrooms could often feel a bit small and even claustrophobic. One of the ways of dealing with this is to add organic accents and make the bathroom feel more natural and thus more open and with enough room to breathe. This also gives you a variety of options in terms of design and aesthetic. This is mostly about adding wood and stone elements to your bathroom. What they will be is up to you and it depends on how much room and funds you have available. It’s these items that will make the bathroom appear warmer and more personal. Luxury furniture There used to be a time when bathroom lounges were the norm for the most luxurious bathrooms but then they fell out of favor. As is often the case, these retro features find ways to get back into fashion and this is the case with comfortable sofas and bathroom benches as well. The lounge areas only make sense if you have a large enough bathroom to accommodate them and if it’s lit well enough so that you can use it to its full potential. It’s also important to choose the furniture that can be used in a bathroom having in mind the moisture and the amount of fresh air you have. The tub The tub is the centerpiece of bathroom design and it should be chosen with both style and purpose in mind. If you’re planning to do a larger remodeling project, it might be best to install a freestanding tub since it’s a stunning feature but it requires you to remove tiles from the floor in order to install it. The tub could be used as a statement piece especially if you choose a large tub and if you’re ready to experiment with its shape and overall look. Black and white The color and décor are the last things to decide on but it’s still something you should have in mind during the whole remodeling since it’s the color scheme that will bind the whole bathroom together. Lately many decide to go with a minimalistic look for their bathrooms since it’s both clean and soothing. Black and white design will do the job. It’s a classic combination and it keeps the look neat and organized while not getting boring and mundane. With this color scheme, small details such as brass accents and faucets pop up even more and become more important. Chalkboard In the end, it’s the small and quirky details that will turn the bathroom into a place of your own. Items such as chalkboards or walls made to resemble chalkboards allow you to add a personal touch to the bathroom and to make it more versatile and changeable. This is especially true for family bathrooms that are used by a few people in the household. Each of the family members could add their own part to the wall or board and express their creativity. The bathroom design should be something you put some thought into since that’s a room that should be private, comfortable and indulgent. Don’t hesitate to go a bit outside of the box but with this goal in mind.
  • derek.b.lotts
    Oct 14

    When choosing how to decorate a bathroom wall, the homeowner needs to take a lot of things into consideration at once. First of all, it’s a matter of your personal style and aesthetic and the walls will play a big role in setting those up since they take up the most space in a small room such as the bathroom. Secondly, the bathroom walls also need to be painted with how the room will be used in mind. Regardless of what kind of AC you have and how well ventilated it is, you’ll still need to choose wall paint that can stand the moist environment. Vinyl wallpaper When your main goal is functionality, this is the best option for you. That’s because you can remove and reinstall the vinyl wallpapers yourself a couple of times. They could also be designed by choosing the patterns online and having them shipped to your home. However, there are also downsides in terms of where the vinyl could be applied. It won’t be able to stick if the surface is rough and it’s known to peel off when there’s too much moisture. Paint Most homeowners don’t really think about regular indoor paint when it comes to bathroom decoration but it can be quite applicable and nice-looking if you choose the right type of paint. It’s, therefore, a good idea to turn to experts such as those who provide painting services in Strathfield to choose the paint for you. It’s best to use semi-gloss or even high gloss paint since it will be more suitable for the moist environment. This is also the least expensive wall design option out there and it can also be combined with other covers such as using tiles for a portion of the walls and combining it with the paint for the areas that won’t get as wet. Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles are a classic choice for bathroom wall design and there’s a reason for it. That’s mostly because they are the best suited to dealing with moisture. There are also a lot of options when it comes to style, color and size and these could transform the whole bathroom. The main choice to make, therefore, is about the design of the tiles itself. The tiles have grout, meaning lines and they create patterns. This is something you should have in mind and especially consider how they will clash with the lighting. Beadboards Beadboards can only be used on the lower half of the walls but for the most part, that’s the part that needs to be protected from the moist. Have in mind that this means that you can combine them with a variety of different materials to cover the rest of the wall. It’s best to get boards that are eight feet long and four feet high. This will give you more options when it comes to installing the boards. It’s also a good idea to purchase individual planks to get a more accurate historic look. Tileboards At first glance, you can’t see the difference between the tileboards and ordinary ceramic tiles. However, they come in rather large panels which make them easy to install. Tiles, on the other hand, need to be installed one by one. The difference in quality is mostly noticeable in how much the board looks like the actual ceramic tiles and if you want to mimic the look, you’ll need to pay more. They are also less expensive than the tiles. Designing bathroom walls should be done with functionality in mind but they are also a way to decorate the bathroom and create your own aesthetic. You’ll need to choose the material first and foremost based on what’s best for moisture.
  • derek.b.lotts
    Sep 13

    Just like the rest of us, at some point you have taken a look at a glamorous bathroom and tried to imagine how it would be having a one just like that. We have some good news – that is not impossible. Today, with just a little bit of effort you can have a real glamorous bathroom without spending tons of money. Make sure you check out the following 5 secrets about turning your standard bathroom into a glamorous one. Use Frosted Glass One of the things you can do in order to turn your bathroom into a glamorous one is to replace your standard shower curtains with frosted glass. A frosted glass shower will help you balance an air of privacy and visual openness. A good thing about it is that it is not going to cost you much more than the standard glass showers. If you want to add even more style to your bathroom you can also put a mirror in the shower. This way you will make your bathroom look better and bigger as well. Add Some Art Getting some art for your bathroom is always a great idea. You can easily keep paintings and other decorative items in your bathroom. All you have to do is make sure you pick the ones that will fit in nicely. Both classical paintings and modern art are perfect options for bathroom decoration. You can hang a painting above your bathtub or right next to the mirror. Make sure you take lighting into consideration when you are trying to find the right spot for paintings and other decorative items. Of course when you think about lighting, you should also think about safety. If you are from a Land Down Under, be sure to hire a reliable Sydney electrician in order to avoid any risks. Replace Your Taps Taps play an important role in the looks of your bathroom. And if you want to add some style to it, you will have to find just the right taps for your bathroom. If you want to get quality taps as well as any other bathroom feature, make sure you check out ACS bathrooms. There are many new tap designs which might just be what you are looking for. Also, do not stop there. Try to detect any older feature in your bathroom and replace it with a new one. Use Candles Another thing you should do is use candles instead of standard lighting. Candles will make your bathroom more visually appealing but they will also help you create a perfect ambience for relaxation. Getting scented candles is always a good idea and it will certainly help you make your bathroom even more glamorous. You should also make sure you have some good-looking candle holders in your bathroom as well. There are many candle holder ideas you can check out and find a perfect solution for your bathroom. Wear a Bathrobe If you turn your bathroom into a glamorous one, you should also act according to it. If you want to improve the experience of spending time in your new bathroom, make sure there is always a bathrobe ready for you. Not only will a bathrobe help you fit into the glamorous ambience but it will also enable you to relax and enjoy your new bathroom. There are many different bathrobe designs you can opt for , but a standard robe is something you can never go wrong with. Making a glamorous bathroom is much easier than it seems. Once you are finished, make sure you allow yourself to spend as much as time possible in your new stylish bathroom.
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