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Crestial Rain Shower Set - C33554+43045

Crestial Rain Shower Set - C33554+43045

SKU: C33554_43045

Recall playing in the rain as kids? Relive that joyful and revitalizing memory with CRESTIAL range of rain shower sets. 


Triple Outlets: Headshower + Handshower + Bath Spout


From CRESTIAL Reflection series. 


    Total Height: minimum 610 mm, maximum 1110mm

    Riser Pipe Distance between mounting holes: 676 mm (non-adjustable)

    Shower Mixer Distance between mounting holes: 150mm (+/- 15mm)


    Internal Body (Mixer and Riser Pipe)

    Material: Brass

    Finishing: Chrome


    Headshower and Handshower

    Material: ABS Plastic

    Finishing: Chrome


    Connector Hoses

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Finishing: Chrome


    • Adjustable angle headshower
    • Height adjustable and swivel riser pipe for headshower
    • Automatic diverter
    • G 1/2" connector hose - flexible installation on left/right/centre of shower mixer


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