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Duravit Stonetto Shower Tray 72021 L1600xW900mm

Duravit Stonetto Shower Tray 72021 L1600xW900mm

New and natural shower sensation

It epitomizes the poetic inspiration of the EOOS design group in a waterwashed stone surface look. Manufactured entirely in DuraSolid®, the shower area as well as drain cover form a single visual unit. The result: a surface that not only looks like stone, but is also as robust as stone. With a design that concentrates on the essentials, Stonetto harmonizes perfectly with the design and ambience of the bathroom.


Suitable for On-The-Tile, Semi-recessed or Flush mounting


    Installation of this Shower Tray may require add-on of:

    • Support for Shower Tray
    • Outlet Drain
    • Support Frame
    • Rubber Profile
    • Bathtub Anchors

    Material: DuraSolid Q

    DuraSolid® Q

    DuraSolid® Q is an innovative mineral material with instant appeal. The look and feel of the matt surface is reminiscent of natural stone. The slightly speckled surface enhances the natural look and is available in three colours (anthracite, sand and white), to match individual tiles and furnishing styles. Precise forms with the slightest manufacturing tolerances, as in Stonetto by EOOS, enable exclusive, straight-lined designs.

    DuraSolid® Q is homogenous with full-