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Reginox Niagara Single Bowl Kitchen Sink L50x40

Reginox Niagara Single Bowl Kitchen Sink L50x40

The exclusive design of the Niagara sink makes it a must have for any modern, economical, hygienic kitchen. Deep-drawn in one piece, it is a beautifully sleek dual level sink. This design helps to save water whilst also creating extra space for separate washing of smaller items or storage of sink accessories. The supplied bottomgrid helps to protect the bottom of the sink, ensuring practicality and design. As well as saving water, this sink has another environmental benefit. It is made from 80% recycled stainless steel and includes large radiuses which make for easy cleaning. Innovative, environmentally friendly and uber practical: Niagara is the perfect combination.




    A kitchen set up isn't complete until you have the following accessories:

    • sink tap or mixer

    All Reginox Sinks come with 

    • waste and overflow kit
    • sink bottle trap


    Did you know?

    The bottle trap is a useful accessory. It retains a little water in the trap to prevent odours from the main sewage pipe from wafting it's way into your bathroom.

    It is also designed to be easily removed to clear chokage.


    Stainless Steel SS304


    Suitable for Undermount, Top Mount, Flush Mount Installation


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