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Special Offer - Duravit Me by Starck Rimless Wall Hung Bowl 252909

Special Offer - Duravit Me by Starck Rimless Wall Hung Bowl 252909

Perfectly designed forms that round out a room but still allow enough freedom for your individuality and design style to shine. These products have a perfectly proportioned appearance from every angle and at the same time are ideal for making your individual ideas a reality. Duravit ME by Starck is the result: a frame to hang the picture of your own personal style in – whether it be elegant, natural or completely unconventional.


    P-Trap WC Bowl.

    Suitable for S-Trap distances of: 70 to 200mm or 4" to 8".


    Using L-Bend (70 to 140mm) or S-Bend (140 to 200mm) pan connectors.


    Find out what "trap distance" means here.


    Back-to-wall design: To be used in bathrooms with concealed water supply pipes.

    Recommended water supply inlet: Bottom Left side of the toilet (when facing the WC). Water supply must be located within the body of the bowl.


    Pro-tip: If you are re-doing your entire bathroom including hacking of exisitng tiles, it will be possible to re-locate your water supply position. Be sure to provide the technical data sheet to your contractor and they will be able to assist you better.


    Vitreous China


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  • Package Detail

    WC offer and FREE 1 x Inda Mito 2025ACR Toilet Paper Holder

    - Inda Mito 2025ACR Toilet Paper Holder (Chrome)

    Mito is a series of accessories in chromium plated brass to furnish with simplicity and elegance; thanks to an innovative fixing system “clip”, the wall assembly is extremely facilitated.


    Special offer - Purchase with purchase

    1) Only need to top up $104.00 to get a Inda Mito 2018CCR Towel Bar (60cm) (RRP: $174.00)

    2) Only need to top up $40.00 to get a Inda Mito 2020ACR Hook  (RRP: $66.00)

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