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Making shower drains "disappear"

With the solutions available from Ferrara, you can!

The Valsir Linea is an effective system for creating floor even showers. It also integrates the function of holding a tile of the same finish as the rest of your flooring to effectively create an invisible shower drain look. This makes the bathroom look extremely tidy and has a well-designed and coordinated look.  

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There are two main parts to the made-in-Italy Valsir Linea floor even shower systems. 

The main body of the trap provides all the functions of the system. With a standard 50mm diameter waste pipe connection it is compatible to Singapore requirements. At just a minimum angle of 2 degree, it can provide a 40 litres per minute draining capacity. That is five times more than the maximum allowed shower fall rate of 9 litres per minute! The trap body is adjustable from 111 to 143mm in height to suit different flooring.


Most importantly, it is available in lengths of 300, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 mm. Just imagine the possibilities!


Never have to worry about difficulties in maintenance for clearing chokes as the Valsir Linea system comes with an in-built dirt and odour trap. 


Step 1: 

Remove the tile holder or grid cover.

Step 2:

Remove dirt and odour trap

Step 3:

Clear the dirt from the trap and simply replace it back into the trap body again to get your shower working in tip top condition!

Complete the Valsir Linea shower drain system with either a Tileable Grid or a Design Grid Cover and voila, your upgraded look is complete!

Valsir Linea tileable grid 8 plain.jpg

Valuable features of the Valsir Linea shower drain:

  • efficient draining capacity of 40 litres per minute

  • allows adaptation to different floor heights (111 to 143mm)

  • allows adaptation to different floor finishes 7 to 15mm

  • Trap body in ABS to facilitate adhesion of waterproofing systems

  • built in hydraulic seal for effective odour barrier

  • stainless steel grids and grid support for beautiful aesthetic finish and durability

  • simple installation

  • Valsir is BIM ready

  • produced in highly eco-sustainable factory through ISO certified processes

Download the brochure on the right for more information.

Drop by our showroom for a demonstration on the Valsir Linea shower drain systems. 

About Valsir the brand.


Other solutions from Ferrara for "invisible" floor traps:

Looking for a more traditional, simple yet effective solution to disguise your floor drains? Sure! Check out the square type tile insert drains we have. 

Main body is made with ABS and tile insert is made with stainless steel. Enjoy the option of having the floor drain in the same tile finish or flip it over for a clean, stainless steel look. 

Easily fits readily available insect and dirt traps.

square invisible floor drain solutions 1
Why settle?

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square invisible floor drain solutions.j
normal floor drain 1.jpeg

Available in standard 6"x6" or 4"x4" sizes to fit most households whether apartment or landed type in Singapore. 

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