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Art Ceram available at Ferrara in Singapore

Art Ceram is an Italian brand that offers a luxury collection of bathroom basins - from classical to chic and modern. With minimalist lines, each design both serves its function as well as become beautiful talking pieces in any contemporary home.

Art Ceram has been consistently creating quality basins since its inception in 1987. It is recognized internationally thanks to "the perfect harmony between design, practicality, innovation and values."

Collaboration with renowned designers

What Ferrara loves about Art Ceram:

  • lovely iconic basin designs never fail to spark the interest of our home owners

  • many customers base their entire bathroom design concept around an Art Ceram basin

  • they have basins which are practical and functional

View inspirations from Art Ceram basins right now!

Art Ceram Naked Basin
Art Ceram Cow Free Standing Basin
Art Ceram Cup Wall Mounted Basin
Art Ceram Azuley Wall Mtd Basin
Art Ceram TT Wall Mtd Basin
Art Ceram Jazz Wall Mtd Basin
Art Ceram Sharp Free Standing Basin
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