Valdama Soul Countertop Basin SOL0400A

Valdama Soul Countertop Basin SOL0400A

Simplicity, whatever it is, is an achievement.

SOUL is a collection with a strong identity, sophisticated and innovative at the same time, immediately recognizable for its contained volumes and its ability to govern the flow of water in a natural and sensual way.


Design Monia Marzano

  • A basin set up isn't complete until you have the following accessories:

    • basin tap or mixer
    • basin waste set - affixed to the outlet area of the basin
    • bottle trap - affixed to the waste set, below the basin, to carry the waste water away


    Did you know?

    The bottle trap is a useful accessory. It retains a little water in the trap to prevent odours from the main sewage pipe from wafting it's way into your bathroom.

    It is also designed to be easily removed to clear chokage.

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