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Ferrara Sales Support and Helpline - Terms of Service

In submitting this form, the user understands that Ferrara will use the contact details provided to contact the user to assist in the issues raised.

Ferrara also undertakes to the user not to misuse the information provided intentionally for anything other than to resolve the technical problem faced by the user.

The user understands that sales support by Ferrara technical team can only be carried out within Singapore.

The user understands that the recommended course of action to the user by Ferrara may involve costs including but not limited to cost of a new piece of the same product; cost of spare parts; costs of freight or courier by air or by sea of the whole product or of the parts there of; costs of service charges including but not limited to labour and transport. Such costs will be quoted to user prior to carrying out any works. By agreeing to such quotation provided by way of verbal communication or any other written or electronic form shall constitute a binding agreement between Ferrara and the user and user shall be fully liable to reimburse said costs to Ferrara at anytime which we lay claim to them.

The user understands that complete support including but not limited to diagnosis, service and repair may require an unspecified duration that may not be pre-determinable. Ferrara undertakes to advice user of duration required for setting of appointment; diagnosis; analysis; quotation; procurement of goods in whole or in part; service and repair, to the best of our abilities.


Ferrara may further recommend the user to engage third parties to carry out tasks that require specific technical expertise and skill set. Such recommendation to be taken up at the user's discretion and at user's costs. The user indemnifies Ferrara against any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of actions or inactions taken by such third parties. No third parties are affiliated to nor act on behalf of Ferrara.

The user undertakes to ensure the safe access, visit and exit of our technicians and/or other representatives to their premises.

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