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Inda My_Mirror AV058E Wall-mounted Magnification Mirror

Inda My_Mirror AV058E Wall-mounted Magnification Mirror

My Mirror is a collection of magnifying mirrors for support or wall, made by Inda to accentuate the comfort of the bathroom furniture. Also available with integrated LED light, they are ideal for make-up and see facial details.

Inda is a brand that has established itself as a leader in international markets, with 70 years of experience. Inda's design is characterized by creativity, originality, and distinctive elegance, and they offer a wide range of products that cater to classic, modern, and avant-garde tastes.

Studio Inda
A team of skilled professionals with diverse expertise ensures an ongoing process of research, experimentation, and innovation, that ranges from product design to the research of new materials and technologies.


The AV058E mirror is part of the My Mirror collection by Inda. A wall-mounted magnifying mirror with jointed arm. Characterized  by a simple and functional design.


Available in chromed and matt black finishes


Finishes Color
  • Details Info

    Inda My_Mirror AV058E Wall-mounted Magnification Mirror with articulated arm

    Main Description about Frame / Mirror

    • Dimension : Height 20cm x Length 20cm x Depth 26cm 
    • Glass Thickness : 36mm
    • Frontal Light Angle : -
    • Ambient Light : -
    • Light Temperature : -
    • Switch Position / Location :  -
    • Optional add-ons :  -
    • Optional Dimensions : -
    • Optional Color :  Chrome / Matt Black
    • Mirror Sided :  Single

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