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Keuco Cosmetic Mirror 17649 Wall-mounted Mirror

Keuco Cosmetic Mirror 17649 Wall-mounted Mirror

Available with chrome plating or a black matt finish, the Plan Cosmetic Mirror is as adaptable in its appearance as in its function, earning its place among the award winning products from this Keuco range and positing itself as the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Measuring 193mm in diameter, this circular cosmetic mirror is double sided to give you the option of inspecting yourself normally or with five times magnification, making the Plan Cosmetic Mirror ideal for shaving, pruning and applying makeup.

The mirror face is attached to a pivoted arm, which extends 266mm from the wall mount and allows you to adjust the mirror in three dimensions. Simply holding the cosmetic mirror by the cylindrical bar at its base, which gives this accessory its total height of 305mm, then begin to rotate the mirror from side to side, back to front, or even upside down until you have found an angle that suits your toiletry task.

Easy to clean and installed with corrosion free mounting material to maximise its durability, the Plan Cosmetic Mirror will still be gleaming and lending a hand in your bathroom for years to come.  

  • Details Info

    Cosmetic mirror

    Main Description about Frame / Mirror

    • Dimension : Height 30.5cm x Length 19.3cm x Depth 26.6cm 
    • Glass Thickness : 20mm +-
    • Frontal Light Angle : -
    • Ambient Light : -
    • Light Temperature : -
    • Switch Position / Location :  -
    • Optional add-ons :  -
    • Optional Dimensions : on pivoted arm adjustable in three dimensions
    • Optional Color :  Chrome / Black Matt
    • Mirror Sided :  double-sided mirror, concave / straight

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