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CRESTIAL Bathroom Bundle Sales - Conceal Shower Mixer + Shower Bar + Rain Shower

CRESTIAL Bathroom Bundle Sales - Conceal Shower Mixer + Shower Bar + Rain Shower


Crestial Brand: Every CRESTIAL product marries renowned German engineering prowess with rigorous Singapore quality control. Since 2000, the brand has established presence in South East Asia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Maldives among others - meeting and surpassing the test standards in each of the respective countries. “Timeless” in both style and durability, enjoy a CRESTIAL design in your bathroom right now. The Eins+ design is based on a single geometrical object, the cylinder, it fulfills its minimalist design to the maximum. Without any surplus curves. Multiple sized cylinders combined to form a faucet with clean form.






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  • Package Detail

    Bundle included:

    ● C28600 Wall Mounted Shower Bar x1

    ● C28537W2 Vita Rain Headshower x1

    ● Option Shower Mixer x1



    + C28600 Wall Mounted Shower Bar

    Shower Arm features: - adjustable length of 120mm or 240mm or 360mm

    Material/Finish: - Brass/Chrome

    includes: - 1 x Shower Arm

    Connection size: - G1/2", male


    + C28537W2 Vita Rain Headshower

    Headshower features: Anti-cal EasyClean system

    Material/Finish: ABS/Chrome

    Spray face is Chrome

    includes: - 1 x Headshower

    Dimensions: Diameter 200mm

    Connection size: G1/2", female


    Optional Mixer:

    - C33921DZR Klaus 2 S/L Concealed Shower Mixer

    Material/Finish: Brass/Chrome


    - C33961DZR Reflection S/L Concealed Shower Mixer Material/Finish: Brass/Chrome


    - C33981DZR EINS+ S/L Concealed SHower Mixer

    Material/Finish: Brass/Chrome


    - C33971DZR Link S/L Concealed Bath Shower Mixer

    Material/Finish: Brass/Chrome


    - C36901C Line S/L Concealed Shower Mixer

    Type of spray: Aerated flow

    Material/Finish: Brass/Chrome (chrome handle accent)


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