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Why work with ceramics?

It seems strange doesn’t it? That a seemingly fragile material such as ceramics are used to make our toilets? Toilets have to undergo constant usage on a daily basis. Shouldn't we use more hardened material?

Well you’re in for a surprise! Ceramics, or vitreous china, are actually rather durable. Let’s take a look at some of the properties of ceramics:

  • they are water proof

  • resistant to heat and cold so they don’t expand or contract during the different seasons

  • abrasion and scratch-resistant

  • hygienic as the glazing does not allow bacteria to stick on and fester

  • made from natural raw resources like clay and other earthen elements hence are completely safe for daily exposure to skin

As Duravit explains:

"The basic ceramic mass consists of the natural raw materials clay, kaolin, quartz and feldspar. Quartz, chalk, feldspar and the mineral stone dolomite are mixed to make the glaze. The extreme high temperature resistance allows a firing temperature of approx. 1280°C. This results in a very high level of hardness, which is particularly advantageous in public sanitary facilities. The hygienically smooth surface glaze is wear and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and thus ideal for the use in the health sector. Sanitary ceramic is skin friendly as well as heat and fade resistant."

Sounds like it is the perfect material!

Probably why we’ve been using ceramics for more than 1500 years!

Now that's a fun fact.

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