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Innovative shower technology from Keuco

Conventional concealed shower set ups require multiple holes in the wall. The Keuco IXMO shower mixers break new ground by combining several functional elements into a single body for that minimalist touch. Here's a quick intro to the World of IXMO!

Typically, a concealed shower set up needs the following elements:

  • flow control - for volume of water

  • temperature control

  • diverting of water flow between different outlets

  • wall union - for connection of shower hose

  • holder for the handshower

Keuco IXMO shower mixers combine the five elements into two distinct bodies while still maintaining a requirement of only 80 mm of in-wall concealment space.

If that's got your interest piqued - and you want to learn the technicalities of this state-of-the-art product. Here's how they install it:

It reduces installation time and the flexibility also means greater individuality - you can custom the set up to your liking.

Play around with the configuration from the comfort of your own desk using their bathroom planner found here.

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