Crestial Showers –Rain and Shine

Don’t we all just love the feeling of cascading water? Young or old, it seems an almost irresistible enjoyment to run our hands through a soft, flowy run-off. In the shower, we crave for that all-consuming refreshment and rejuvenation that rain showers give. It is no wonder why they are fast catching on in demand as an everyday privilege. Well with CRESTIAL, they are certainly an affordable luxury!

CRESTIAL has not stopped short of perfection by masterfully designing even to the most minute of features. Through dissecting user habits and studying function to form - CRESTIAL’s labour of love has paid off in the creation of this ‘next-gen’ of rain shower sets.

Discover more as we take you through the bite-sized features of the innovative CRESTIAL rain shower set:-

Sundance chrome – brilliance built to last!

We like diamonds because they sparkle in the light; the ocean because it shimmers in the sun; new cars because they are gleam and glossy.

And that is why we simply love the brilliant glow of a brand new CRESTIAL rain shower. Using high-tech electroplating techniques, a layer of 0.2 micron thickness of chromium is laid on a minimum 5 micron base layer of nickel on the solid brass shower mixer body and riser pipe.

The nickel is key to achieving a smooth consistency of the chrome surface. So what you get is a solid, corrosion-resistant shower set that is long lasting.

Come on let’s twist…

The CRESTIAL rain shower set allows for maximum customization. At the headshower, a ball joint allows you to easily adjust the angle of incline.

If you need the headshower and handshower set at your preferred height – no problem! Simply unlock their respective mechanisms, adjust to your heart’s content, and lock it back in place. What’s more, these mechanisms also allow you to swivel both the head and handshowers left and right – talk about dancing in the rain!

These nifty features add up to make the Crestial rain shower set a perfect fit even in small bathrooms with tight corners.

Height can be adjusted anytime – and we mean anytime – after installation.

No more guessing - because some things are better not left to chance

All of CRESTIAL’s rainshower sets are standard-fitted with automatic shower diverters. These neat little devices have a pressure-based operation system.

This means that a diversion can only be triggered when there is sufficient flow through the diverter.

This leaves no chance to accidental diversion and the best feature of all – whenever you turn off the mixer – it will always revert back on at the lowest point. So there’s definitely no need to guess where the water will be coming out from next! This is especially useful when we’re just having a quick and refreshing body shower.

Flexibility and compatibility

Whether you prefer having just two outlets – rain shower and handshower – or three outlets – rain shower, handshower and a spout – CRESTIAL rainshower sets can suit your needs. Pick from a range of different designs and functions.

If you already have an existing shower mixer with just a handshower and would like to do a conversion – CRESTIAL rainshower sets are here for you! Compatible to any shower outlet of G1/2” threading, simply connect the hose to the shower hose outlet of your existing set up and just add water.

View the other designs available.

Now, experience this versatile rain shower set for yourself. Visit the Ferrara showroom here.

Learn more about Crestial here. Or view other product inspirations from our faucet collection.

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