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Innovations to make cleaning easier – special glazing for ceramic wares

Advances in that enhance our everyday life experience can be found everywhere. Even in the humble toilet bowl.. Today, they are no longer simple waste receptacles. They too have teams of professionals pouring in time, effort and resources to studying its' functionality and how it can improve our lives.

Duravit and American Standard are some of the brands that are investing heavily in R&D related to the toilet.

They take pride in announcing the product innovations to their toilets - the WonderGliss from Duravit and Pro-guard from American Standard.

By adding a special agent to their glazing, these ceramics are repel water and stains better. This makes cleaning much easier as the dirty particles do not have a chance to "stick" to the surfaces of the ceramic.

A quick wash will get rid of them in a jiffy.

It also adds a new dimension to hygiene and sanitation.

American Standard - Pro-gaurd glazing

Available only for selected series of the American Standard range

Duravit - WonderGliss

Duravit Wondergliss Technology

Add on to your favourite piece of ceramic ware at the time of ordering.

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