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Improvements to flushing technologies

Traditional washdown toilets are thick rimmed. When water is flushed out through the cistern tank, it gushes into the rim of the toilet and is forced out of the bowl through tiny holes on the underside of this rim.

This model has worked for many years now and it is a tried and tested method for sure.

However, the call for environmental sustainability has urged many manufacturers to come up with more efficient flushing technology. Basically - using less water to achieve the same flushing power and effect.

Spurred by this challenge, Duravit and American Standard have revolutionized the industry with their respective inventions.

Duravit calls it - Rimless Flushing

The Duravit Rimless flushing was created by eliminating the rim and instead, concentrating the full force of the flush into two outlets. This creates a powerful flush and also a sweeping action that effectively scoops dirty particles and flushes them away.

At the same time, the reduced surface area also gives less nooks and crannies for bacteria and dirty particles to hide and fester.

Many of Duravit's toilet models now come available in both the traditional rimmed washdown flush or rimless washdown flush.

American Standard has the Double Vortex

Launched to much success, the Double Vortex flushing technology is incorporated into every piece of Acacia Evolution toilet from American Standard.

With both jets of flush concentrated on one side of the bowl, it creates a beautiful swirl and vortex effect. Not only is the flush more efficient, as can be seen from the trails in the video, it also makes for more stain-free toilets.

What a relief to the busy, modern individual!

These are exciting times we're in. Don't hesitate to visit us to check out these innovations and get one for your new, high-tech home.

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