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We don't beat around the Brush when it comes to the details!

Who would think the humble toilet brush would one day be the centre of much innovation and effort!

Inda Mai Love Toilet Brush

Inda took their attention to detail seriously when it came to this modest bathroom accessory. It is afterall, our everyday tool to keep our toilet bowls clean and sanitary.

Feature 1: Keeping it nice and cosy

No matter how you throw in the brush, it would certainly gravitate towards the centre and close neatly. Thanks to its' unique conical shaped handle.

This is absolutely practical - ensuring the lid is closed prevents odors and insects creeping in. It is also aesthetic to boot as it will be always tidy to look at.

Feature 2: Look Ma, No Hands!

That is exactly true when it comes to changing out the old and dirty brush.

Instead of having to put on gloves and fiddle clumsily with the brush head, the Inda Mai Love toilet brush just needs to be rotated at the handle.

The old brush head will gradually loosen out of place - fit in a new one and you are all set to go!

Feature 3: Keeping it real - clean!

All the plastic components in this brush - including the removal internal plastic container - are also made with ABS plastic with anti-bacterial treatment. This lends an added measure of sanitation to handling.

Feature 4: Stylo Mylo

This amazing toilet brush is available in different finishes. They are made with Love in Italy. These high quality finishes are in themselves a feat to achieve. Select from high gloss chrome, to matt black or white to even special print patterns.

Love this brush? We do too!

Find out more about this breakthrough device at our bathroom showroom located here..

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