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Cutting new edge technology - Keuco IXMO Solo Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Keuco does it again.

In March 2019, Keuco unveiled to the world yet another game-changer in the faucet industry - the Keuco IXMO Solo Thermostatic Shower Mixer.

Keuco Ixmo Solo Thermostatic Shower Mixer w/ Square Base Plate

With the same small footprint, the Keuco IXMO Solo Thermostatic Shower Mixer is an upgrade from it's revolutionary predecessor, the IXMO Solo Shower Mixer.

In general, thermostatic shower mixers allow the user to fix the temperature of the water at their desired level. The mixer will regulate the amount of hot water coming through in order to deliver a steady water temperature.

Most thermostatic mixers also come with a safety lock warning users that they are adjusting the temperature over 38 degree Celsius. Users must release the lock to signify they are aware of the higher temperature of water which will be delivered..

Once the water has reached a comfortable temperature, the user simply has to adjust the flow rate. In this manner, they risk accidentally turning the lever away from their original adjustment mix.

All the above functions are delivered by mechanical means and there is completely no need for electrical installations or connections.

While thermostatic mixers are not new in the market, Keuco is the first to combine both the elements into a simple, fuss-free installation body which also incorporates the shower hose connection outlet - all in a body smaller than those existing on the market.

The minimalist body means much less cleaning and maintenance worries for the owners. It is beautiful, yet simple to use.

We highly recommend thermostatic shower mixers for parents of young children who are just learning to shower on their own. The children would just require to adjust the flow rate of the water. This reduces the risk of them accidentally turning the lever to the hot water side by too much and feeling scalded.

It is also great for the elderly as the operation is extremely simple.

Check out more about the Keuco IXMO shower revolution from our earlier post here!

The World of IXMO is set to rock yours!

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