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Concealed Cisterns: Revolutionary or Extravagant?

In-wall flushing cisterns are the new addition to sanitary technology in relatively recent years. while it is a tried and proven innovation, the level of adoption of such technology still remains relatively low.

We discuss the difference between In-wall flush cistern and the usual floor standing toilet that we are accustomed to.

The reality is that - there is little difference between an In-wall flush cistern and an exposed cistern.

Why so?

What then is the real difference?

It is basically where the cistern is located, either inside the wall or installed directly on the toilet bowl


Here's a list of top concerns from homeowners with regard to installing a flush cistern inside a


1. .Cleaning & Maintenance issues

Q : Since the cistern is concealed in the wall, wouldn’t it be harder to access it and therefore harder to clean?

2.Installation Issues

Q : What details do i need to take note of and how does the contractor go about the installation?

Q : My contractor/Designer tells me I cannot install a In-wall cistern with wall-mounted WC, is this true?

3.Height & Depth of wall partition

Q : What are the appropriate dimensions of installing a wall partition for the housing of the concealed cistern?

4.Hanging frame/Floor standing frame

Q ; What kind of supporting frame do i need for my concealed cistern in the wall?

5.Flush type/ Push button

Q: I understand there is top and front activation, is there any difference or is it the same?



1. .Cleaning & Maintenance issues

  • All parts in the cistern can be access through the removal of the push plate/Access tile

  • If any parts breakdown/are faulty, easy to access parts for replacement or servicing

2.Installation Issue

  • All components and parts are pre-assembled into the cistern in the factory

  • At site these are the steps the contractor have to take;

  • Install the support frame for the mounting of WC

  • Secure cistern to back concrete wall

  • Build wall around the support frame and cistern

  • Mount WC

  • Install push plate

  • Details to note:

  • Trap distance

  • Water supply situation

  • Spatial layout of the bathroom

  • Most homes should be able to install in-wall cistern if the spatial layout permits. That includes government housing. See some of the regulations Here.

3.Height & Depth of wall partition

  • The buildup wall dimensions must minimally be able to contain the cistern, so size will depend on the brand and model

  • The buildup wall must also be able to house the sewage pipe

  • Trap distance will affect the depth of the wall partition (Larger trap distance = More Depth required)

4.Hanging frame/Floor standing frame

  • This will depend on the wall partition around the cistern (where is the suitable place to secure the cistern will determine type of frame needed)

  • Trap distance also affect the need for the type of frame (if trap distance is further from solid wall then a full standing frame is needed)

  • Different types of frame

5.Flush type/ Push button

  • There is actually not much difference

  • Only detail you need to look out is that seat cover does not cover push plate when in open position.


The Solution: Valsir Winner S

Unveiling the new Valsir Winner S! A special design brought to you by Valsir, the Winner S has many features to help ease your concerns of having a concealed cistern.

Quick & Easy Installation

  • A new patented design stop valve makes it painless for installer to connect the water supply by hand.

  • There is no need for clumsy and awkward deployment of tools as with the current design for many brands out there.

Easy cleaning & Maintenance

  • The Cistern design is sloped at the base to prevent build-up of undesirable particles in the cistern overtime.

  • Maintenance of the cistern is made easier because of;

  • Their patented material used to make the moving parts of the cistern are limescale resistant which prevents jamming up movement parts.

  • easy to remove components facilitate the servicing process.


  • Valsir winner S comes with a dual flush system which offer a full flush & half flush of 4.5L/3L respectively.

  • Approved WELS label and certified flush efficiency.

  • Water Saving for a more sustainable environment


  • Valsir winner S pride itself on attaining maximum silence by using patented technopolymer in its production.

  • Conventional method uses a flexible tube to direct water from the stop valve into the float valve. Valsir have eliminated the flexible tube by having ;

  • a direct connection between the stop valve and the float valve and hence reduces overall noise level due to vibrations

Result : Having a concealed cistern is definitely not an option just reserved for the exclusive but rather a viable option for all as long as your bathroom have the space to install. A wall-mount wc addition will radiate a more clean and sleek look, accompanied with the unique features of the winner s. This will revolutionize your bathroom experience so step up your lifestyle and get yours today!

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